The Philadelphia Tamil Baptist Church of Wembley and Barnet, London would like to greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This church was established on 17th January 2010.

It was inspired by the intervention of the Holy Spirit through a vision to the Pastor Sivanesan The fundamental vision of this church is to evangelise and to make the Tamil speaking community aware of the importance of accepting Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and lead them to the salvation. During the winter of 1982, Pastor Jonathan Eden, a native English man of God at his early twenties, initiated a fellowship among the Tamil speaking refugees from Sri Lanka.

The first fellowship was with few Tamil people assembled at Manor Park, East London. It was told that in those days Pastor Eden reach the people around East London by cycling in the chilly weather, at twilight of the dawn to meet the night shift staffs at petrol stations to share the gospel and to show his love of Jesus Christ to the exiles. Our Lord’s hand was upon Pastor Jonathan Eden and worked through all the years until the church progressed to six branch churches with more than one thousand members till date and it is the first Tamil speaking Church in England. Pastor Jonathan Eden was the chairperson and the overseer of the church. Pastor Sivanesan and other fellow pastors were serving the Lord with one goal and one vision lead by Pastor Jonathan Eden and his assistant Pastor G.I Ebenezer until the year 2013.

The former name of Philadelphia Tamil Baptise Church at Barnet and Wembley was Emmanuel Christian Fellowship. The biblical meaning of Philadelphia is Church of Open Door and the word Philadelphia means “brotherly love”.

The formation of this church was interceded by the Holy Spirit in the heart of some Great Man of God through prophecy and vision. The Church was formed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

God bless you.